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large_IMG_7309.jpg Programs, classes and books on growing and using herbs and flowers. Cooking, herb gardening, container gardening, fairy gardens, flower arranging, history and stories of herbs and flowers.

  • Learn how to use herbs and flowers to enhance daily life. Grow your own herbs and flowers then use them in cooking, pot pourrie, flower arrangements and to add beauty, flavor, meaning and fragrance to seasonal celebrations--Valentines Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas.
  • Garden Fairies and Fairylore
  • Books for adults and children, new and gently used: herbs, flowers, general gardening, flower arranging, garden history, cooking and plantlore.

Looking for a special book? Ask us! Maybe we have it in our stock. If not we will find it for you!

“Happy are herb gardeners through all the seasons and the years. Their’s is a life enriched with rare fragrances to be enjoyed at dusk and dawn and in the heat of noon. “ ADELMA GRENIER SIMMONS